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Location: http://www.cenrf.net/
Bio: Hangzhou Shengtong Technology (CenRF) Co,. Ltd established in 2000 by its founder who has been engaged in communication industry for 17 years. Located in east of China----Hangzhou, with highly development and convenient water, land and air transportation.
CenRF employs experienced technical and management personnel. Our company is a professional manufacturing & system integrator supplier of mobile network coverage & optimization solution. Specializes in manufacturing all communications related products, such as Repeater, Antenna, Combiner & POI, Hybrid Coupler, Power Splitter/Divider, Directional Coupler, Termination/Dummy Load, RF Attenuator, Filter, Connector & Jumper Cable, ect. Our market spread all over the world, mainly focus on Southeast Asia, South Asia, Nouth America and Western Europe.
CenRF is willing to produce maximum value for customer's interest and target cost-effective and high reliable mobile/cellular system. We are sincerely looking forwarding to cooperating with the relevant enterprises or industries from the home and abroad to make contribution to the further development of communication industry.RF 16 IN 4 OUT Point of Interface factory
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