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Bio: What’s good about Deron’s EVI Heat Pump?
1. Running stably lower than -25℃ ambient temperature, best choice for house heating in northern area.
2. LED touch screen control panel, easy to access all functions of the machine, and with simple setting it will run automatically ever since.
3. Efficient defrosting and draining, dust proof, long usage life.
EVI technologies
Expansion valve and magnetic valve all from Emerson
Copeland scroll compressor with R407C
Alloy axial flow motor with water-proof design, high efficiency and power-saving
Stainless steel plate heat exchanger for heat transferring between refrigerant and tube in tube heat exchanger for heat transferring between refrigerant and water
High defrosting efficiency
Compact and screw-hiding design
Operating ambient temperature ranged from -25℃-45℃
Power supply(V/ph/Hz)380/3/50
*Heating capacity(kW)11.6
*Rated power input(kW)2.7
Water feed speed(L/h)215
Test condition*Ambient temp.(Dry Bulb/Wet Bulb): 20掳C聽/15掳C, Water temp.(in /out): 15掳C/55掳C.
**Heating capacity(kW)6
**Rated power input(kW)2.25
Water feed speed(L/h)107
Test condition** Ambient temp.: -15℃, Water temp.(in /out): 15℃/55℃.
***Heating capacity(kW)4.6
***Rated power input(kW)2.2
Water feed speed(L/h)98
Test condition***Ambient temp.: -25℃, Water temp.(in /out): 15℃/55℃.
Refrigerant weight(g)2000
Fan(type)Axial flow type with Nylon fan blade
(air flow)(m3/h)3200
Aluminium/Cu lamellar tube evaporator
Condenser (heat exchanger)
Coaxial coil heat exchanger
Stainless steel plate
Throttling device
Emerson thermal expansion valve
Indoor Digital Controller
Required water flow rate(m3/h)2.2
Water connection
Required tank cubage(t)2-3
Max. current(A)7.2
NoisedB (A)>60
Max. water temp.(℃)60
Operation temp. range(℃)-25-45
Net weight(kg)130
Net size-(L*W*H)(mm)950X570X1480China EVI Heat Pump Or High Temperature Heat Pump manufacturers
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