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Bio: Our History
Kunshan Lead-sail measuring and controlling technology Co.,Ltd belongs to the Leader Metrology Inc America,with our factory is in Qingdao, a very beautiful city. We have manufactured Leader CMM and optical measuring machine for more than 24 years, and have the support from more than 600 customers after working hard continuously. Leader Metrology is the earliest company combining laser scanning technology, CCD digital video measuring technology and traditional contact Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM ) technology to one machine. This greatly expands the using area of CMM, and makes it both a measuring center and an assistant for new product designing.
Our Factory
We deploy Renishaw’s controller and probe system and Rational DMIS(English name OPEN DMSI) on our coordinate measuring machine(CMM) and optical measuring machine(OMM) which can satisfy customer’s needs perfectly and our products are variously used in automobile industry, aviation, machine tools, national defense, mold etc.
Our Product
Moving bridge CMM, portable CMM, moving bridge CMM, Granite plate.
Product Application
Automobile industry, mold industry, mechanical manufacture.
Our Certificate
Production Market
We have the customers all over the world, for example Boeing,Volvo,GE,GM and so on.
Our Service
We can offer the service about CMM for the customers all over the discount Automatic CMM
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