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Bio: 1.China PCB Win Technology Co.,Ltd
PCBWIN is a professional supplier of high-quality PCB and assembling service in China, it is a unit of ShiYing Group, which focuses on manufacturing high-quality PCB. We are specialized in manufacturing PCB. Now we have helped thousands of engineers, electronics design company and electronics industry enterprises to complete their work on electronic products. Our products sell well all over the world,involving in communication, industrial automation, IT, medical, electronics, aviation, spaceflight, nation defense filed and so on. We devote to manufacturing PCB and providing assembling service with the strictest quality-control standards. So far, we have serviced more than 8,000 oversea customers. Competitive price, high quality and short delivery time are the good impression we have left on user's mind.
2.Reliable quality assurance to ensure the quality of products
PCBWIN believes that the quality of products is the core of a enterprise's development. So our company have the well-controlled quality by professional engineers from order to package. We have approved certifications like ISO9001、ISO14001、UL、CQC etc. and established a sound quality monitoring and prevention system to ensure the stability of the products' quality.
3.Diversity products, short delivery time to meet your needs
PCBWIN has advanced equipment and production capacity to meet our production of a full range of products. our single, double layer board can deliver within 24 hours, four, six layer can deliver within 48 hours. our products include: high density multilayer board, blind buried hole multilayer board, characteristic impedance board, control board, high frequency board, Rogers, high TG board, aluminum PCB, copper substrate, rigid flexible combination board. If our quotation system can not meet your needs, please send mail to sales@pcbwin.com, we will quote for you as soon as possible.
4.Production Equipment
we have advanced production equippment, quality control skills and sound automatical production line. we could complete different custom PCB prototype, small ,medium volume production and PCB assembly service.

5.Customer complaint and refund
PCBWIN pays great attention to customer's satisfaction,so we have established a responsible customer complaint department.if you are not satisfied with our products after receiving them, you can request us to refund to your PCBWIN credit account,or to ask for production again for this failed order. Of course, if you are still not satisfied with our service or you have some advice, you can send email to us, so that we can spend more time improving service and building a sound suggestion system to satisfy our customers and ensure their benefits.cheap Copper Board
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