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Bio: Among those famous laundry detergent filling machine manufacturers, Wilton Machinery is a credible liquid detergent filling machine supplier, welcome to check the price with our factory.
Production Description:
Machines in attached picture are water RO treatment system, storage tank, homogenizing emulsifier(2 sets). The water purifying system ensures the purity of the laundry detergent. And the homogenizing emulsifier guarantees the effect of the detergent. The purifier water and detergent ingredients are blended and homogenized in the two tanks completely under certain tempeture required. After emulsification prodedure, we have 4 nozzles and 8 nozzles automatic filling machine to fill the detergent products into bottles. The capacity could reach 8 tons per 8 hours with 2 to 3 workers.
1.Separate emulsifying device
2.Electricity or steam heating and water cooling
3.High homogenizing speed and perfect emulsifying effect
4.Complete production line could be designed according to customers’ request
Automatic Homogenizer500L1000L
Design volume(L)6801250
Working volume(L)5001000
Blender power(Kw)2.23
Blender Speed(Rpm)0-800-80
High-speed disperser power(Kw)1.11.5
High-speed disperser Speed(Rpm)0-10000-1000
Outside DimensionLength (mm)12001400
Width (mm)12001400
Height (mm)25002650
Workbench height (mm)12001300
Around size (mm)22002400
12001400liquid detergent making machine supplier
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