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Bio: Chengdu Jindu Superstar Astronomy Equipment Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer in planetarium instruments and projection dome screens producing and installation.
Since its establishment in 1965, with decade constant efforts, our factory has developed the strong and professional manufacturer in optics, mechanics and electronics products’ developing and producing, making great contributions to our national defense, basic education and astronomical science promotion.
We have the special production shop, assembly shop and adjustable planetarium hall. Also have the professional administrative staff, technical engineers, designer, operators and installers.
Planetarium projector (S-10C double system optical planetarium projector and digital planetarium projector); Projection dome screen; Astrodome.
All kinds of schools; Science centers; Science museums; Theme parks; Dome theaters.
Our factory has a series of machining centers, such as polishing machine, edge grinding machine; miller and so on.
We sale our products to the markets at home and abroad. So far, we share 85% domestic markets, over 300 sets planetariums and dome theaters installation. At abroad, there are some dome screen construction projects in France, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand and so on.
Pre-sales service: offer professional technical consultation and product projects according to clients’ offered information and requirements.
Sales service: establish perfect manufacture and site construction administrative system, arrange experienced staffs to go on site construction.
After-sales service: have the professional staff to deal with all kinds of after-sales problems via email, telephone, fax and so on. China Immersive Projection Dome Theaters manufacturers
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